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Bob Kittridge,   Personal Development Coach,

Transformation has meant a total shift of who I am. You can’t really see transformation, unless you have been part of the process. Remember … transformation is a dramatic change in form or appearance. If you would have met me years ago, you would be able to have seen the transformation.

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You would have seen someone who was afraid and fearful. Someone who did not take risks, someone who stayed hidden and safe. Let alone ever believe he deserved better or could be successful.

Now, transformation does not happen overnight, it is a journey, filled with unknowns and obstacles and failures. It is also filled with successes and learnings. It is filled with training, education, mentoring and tears … of joy and sorrow.

Transformation is a dramatic change in form or appearance. But it is the journey that really matters. Today what you see here is an example of transformation. What you see here is the dramatic change in form and appearance. Today I am a believer that we are created whole and complete, resourced for everything we are created to achieve.

Today I dance with the fear and excitement of working with individuals and organizations to discover their own purpose, their passion and their own transformation!

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Jill Davis, Life Coach,

Transformation happens at a cellular level. The caterpillar doesn’t go into its chrysalis and just get thin and grow wings. It has cells that require it to recreate and transform. The caterpillars DNA cells tell it to melt down into goo and re-create into a butterfly.

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The more times it melts down and rebuilds the stronger it is when it emerges from the chrysalis. That’s what real transformation is. Allowing our world to dissolve and then rebuilding. Becoming a transformed person. Sometimes it’s not a choice to transform our lives, but the more we remember to breathe, both on the inhale and the exhale, the stronger we become in our transformation. And just like the caterpillar, the more times we melt down, the stronger our transformation is, in the end.

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 Mike Lehnertz, Leadership Coach,

When I think of “transforming” someone, I think about “change.” How do we change someone?
First and foremost, we have to be good Leaders. One of the ways we prove our good Leadership is by Communicating very clearly and concisely.

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So when the Leader issues a directive, a new policy, or wants to Communicate their message, they must do it so clearly that there is no room for a “mixed signal” or ambiguity.

Another way to foster change is through Mentoring. Again, the Mentor must be a good Communicator or risk a potential “mix-up.” Mentoring is simply a sharing of one’s expertise and/or experience. Typically, Mentoring is accomplished by the more senior person because they have more knowledge and experience. However, be open to “Reverse Mentoring” where the junior person is the Mentor due to a particular skill set that the more senior person may not possess.

By being a good Leader, Communicator and Mentor, one can transform their team of employees into loyal Followers and when that happens, productivity goes up and profits follow.
So invest in your team. Find a Coach or Consultant that can help you transform your employees into a cohesive team…and then standby for the positive and amazing results.
Thanks and remember, “Lead With Your Personal HorsePower.”

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 MelindaJoy Mingo, Professor & Author

My perspective transforms how I view life and myself, what I can accomplish and what risks I am willing to take to move beyond the status quo to experience something new and beautiful daily.

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The joy for me is knowing that I am the catalyst for true change in my life. I don’t feel pressured to transform myself to meet expectations of others. Instead, I choose the strange path to significant life change. I believe – I become – I am.

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 Chris Sedgwick, Fine Artist,

First, I think that I avoid transformation at all costs. I have always taken the path of least resistance, through I am trying to change that. I found that I transform my ways when I am forced.

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When the path I am on no longer is visible anymore and I am forced to find another. I think this can be beneficial though because then you can never go back to your previous one. You have traveled to the end of that path and you learn everything you possibly can from it.

I would split transformation into three categories, intellectual, physical, and emotional. Physical transformation is inevitable on a larger scale- you are not even made of the same molecules throughout your life. Intellectual transformation occurs through the learning of new thought forms, this does not necessarily require personal experience. I think I like this form of experience because it can be done passively- though it can lead to some powerful new ways to live your life. Emotional transformation is probably the hardest thing that I, probably that we have to go through because it involves a lot of pain and happiness.

While happiness is often fleeting pain is what can last quite a while, I think we change the most by going through painful experiences and coming out the other end better for it. It makes life a little more interesting to experience the array of emotions rather than just looking for happiness everywhere you go.

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 Andy Riise, Chief Learning Officer,

Transformation is the continual process of becoming the best version of yourself. To transform into that best version of yourself requires balance and growth across the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual domains.

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When individuals transform themselves they also tend to influence others on their team to do the same towards a common purpose.

The last 100+ years of research in various Behavioral Science disciplines suggests that Transformation is possible by learning and applying a set of intangible skills to achieve tangible and optimal performance results over time. Mission 6 Zero (M60) is a consulting firm that teaches leaders and teams how to transform.

Through the best practices of US Special Forces and Behavioral Science, M60 can help you achieve your performance goals by better knowing yourself, knowing your team, and growing in the process.

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